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Paramore Secrets

We were born for this.

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Paramore secrets straight from the fandom.
(updated 23/3/2009)

- Keep it PG. Bear in mind that this community is watched by over 700 people.
- Secrets about paramoremusic users are acceptable. Please try to take people's feelings into consideration though.
- This should go without saying but no death threats or stupid shit like that please. We would like to uphold some level of decency.
- This is not paramoremusic. If you have a question ask in a comment, not in a secret.
- If you are offended by a secret, comment or message a mod and we'll do our best to take the secret down as soon as we can (within reason). Please do not spam the current parasecrets post or submission post/create more of your unnecessary drama asking us to take it down, trust us, we will eventually.
- Please don't take secrets out of this community and post them on your little paramore fansites.
- Last and most importantly, keep your drama here. paramoremusic =/= your personal burn book. Do NOT post about parasecrets in paramoremusic. This is very important and breaching of this rule is v srs bznss.
- If you think you're starting to hate this community or think you're too cool for this, by all means, click here. No one needs to hear you complain about it tyfyt.

About posting: Upload your secret(s) to a photo hosting website and post the direct url anonymously in the submission post. (Try to advoid uploading to Imageshack, as there have been a few instances where it hasn't worked)
- Try to keep picture dimensions to in or around 500x500 in consideration for those with a dial-up connection.
- Secrets do not have to be a work of art. Microsoft Paint is your friend.

Posts are every Sunday. Enjoy.